Periodontal disease (or gum disease) takes place over months and sometimes years with little to no symptoms. It is caused mainly by neglect of oral health and lack of oral hygiene. Chronic inflammation in the gum area surrounding the teeth causes the tooth-supporting bone to slowly erode and diminish. Unfortunately this process is not reversible and once the bone in the jaw is eroded, it does not come back. Fortunately, we can help stop the progression of that process by performing periodontal treatment and nurturing the diseased gum tissue back to good health. Our experienced yet gentle hygienists will help you on the road of recovery to get your gum disease under control. Call our office to schedule a time with one of our hygienists

How long will the process of periodontal cleaning take?

A periodontal cleaning is a multi appointment procedure depending on the patient's periodontal condition, each appointment is an hour long.

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Periodontal Cleaning

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